But I can do it myself!

As small business owners we all think that there are certain things we can manage in our businesses ourselves. There are many of these things we are correct about this in. It is, after all, simple and cost effective to vacuum your own office rather than pay a janitorial service. However there are several things that it is safer, smarter, easier or more cost effective to hire a professional for:

Some things I would include on this list:

  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Automotive maintenance
  • Bookkeeping and Payroll
  • Information Technology

Wait you say, Information Technology? That’s just the computers! I can handle that!

Though that may be true, several questions come up:

  • Do you enjoy taking valuable time researching the little things that a professional would fix quickly and easily?
  • Do you have and maintain a disaster recovery plan?
  • What if a Hard drive goes bad?
  • What if you got a virus that encrypts every machine on your network?
  • Finally, what is you time worth? Is the time you are spending on Information Technology time you could have spent growing your business?

With a managed service plan fromWolfe Computer Solutionsyou don’t have to worry about these questions. We handle all of those concerns. All plans include a backup and disaster recovery system. We maintain your network. We keep your computers and vital programs up to date. We ensure that all of your anti virus and anti spyware programs are working and keeping the bad guys off in the first place!

Let Wolfe Computer Solutions focus on your I.T., so you can focus on your business!

The Power and Protection of the Pack!


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