Home Computer Care Plans

Wolfe Computer Solutions realizes that home users in Cheyenne need someone to take care of their computers as well. So we offer plans that include managed Anti-virus and device monitoring that alerts us when there is a problem.  Then you can have the peace of mind of your own personal I.T. Staff!

Two levels of service are available:

What is included:

Managed Anti-Virus

This is the base service, It includes a licence for Emsisoft Anti-Malware, one of the best Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus products available.  Whenever Emsisoft scans your system, a notification is sent to Wolfe Computer detailing any bad guys it finds.  Then we can schedule a time to get it fixed, either remotely or in person.  Also, there is a 25% discount on system optimizations. If you get infected, we will clean it up as part of the service. *

Full Computer Monitoring

With this service, anything out of the ordinary is reported to Wolfe Computer.  For example, if your Hard drive is failing, and needs to be replaced, It will notify us so we can call you and let you know.  Then we can schedule a time to get it backed up and replaced.

Things that Wolfe CS monitors for you include:
  • Hard Drive health and capacity
  • Blue Screens of Death
  • Anti-virus and firewall performance
  • Device driver issues

With the full system monitoring plans, there is a discount on in shop services as well.  Any issues found by the monitoring service will be fixed for a discounted rates.  As well, our $129.99 system optimization is included once a year as part of the service.*

Backup Add-on

Wolfe Computer has our own backup solution.  More details available coming soon!!!!


Managed Anti-Virus:
Number of systemsMonthlyAnnually
One computer$7.49 / month$84.99 / year
Up to Three Computers$16.99 / month$189.99 / year
Have more than three?Contact us to determine price
Full computer monitoring
Number of systemsMonthlyAnnually
One Computer$13.99 / month$159.99 / year
Up to Three Computers$27.99 / month$299.99 / year
More than three?Contact us to determine price
Backup Add-on (Provided by Wolfe CS Backup)
Number of computersMonthlyAnnually
One or Two Computers$4.99 per month per computer$49.99 per year per computer
Three or more Computers$3.99 per month per computer$39.99 per year per computer

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 or above
  • Backup is available on Mac and Linux however the rest of the offerings are not currently available for Mac.
  • An Internet connection is required to send notifications to Wolfe Computer Solutions.

*We can’t guarantee recovery of your data if infected with Ransom-ware. See our blog post on Ransomware.

**Customer has to have had the service for at least six months prior to system optimization services. Discounted optimizations are available prior to six months.

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