Server – Point, Set, Match

Like a great tennis player, a properly installed and configured server can control your business computer “game”!

Servers perform many tasks for your business:

  1. File Server – This provides a centralized storage location for all important business files. This makes collaboration and sharing a breeze in your company. Properly configured, a server hard drive can look like a regular drive to everyone in your workplace.
  2. Back up – I mentioned using a server for back ups last time. This is the most efficient on site back up tool you can buy. Many servers are set to back up every computer on your network nightly or at least once a week. Then if anything goes wrong, in a matter of minutes you can restore a few days old back up and be fully functional again.
  3. Domain controller – This sounds scary and technical to most people. So here is a simple break down: it gives complete control of what can and cannot be done on ALL of your computers. You or your administrator can determine if people can install apps, programs or updates. You can set how long all your computers set before the screen locks. Or you can leave these decisions up to the end users. This is not the same as an internet domain however.

So, in short, a server, like a tennis player can “serve up an ace” giving your business the competitive edge to move ahead in the “game”!

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(Originally posted as “Server can control the game” onCheyenne Chamber of Commerceblog – May 19, 2015)



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