Windows 10 – Great “new” Features

Seems hard to believe that Windows 10 has been out for a month plus already! And with the wide adoption, the bugs are getting worked out at a rapid pace. So you are probably thinking: “What’s all the hype I am hearing about Windows 10?” and “Should I upgrade to Windows 10?” I am getting close to the point where I am going to recommend to my clients to start considering it. Though not perfect, in many ways Windows 10 is living up to the billing as the best Windows ever.

So I am going to highlight Three features “new” to Windows 10 that make it worth considering:

Windows 10 Start menu with live tiles

1. A start menu. Yes I know this is not “new”, but you may notice that the word new has been in quotes, because in some ways it is new. The metro start screen in Windows 8 was probably the most hated change to Windows. Microsoft however listened to the customers and put it back! Of course it is different than what we had in Windows 7 and before. It is a nice combination of the things in Windows 8’s Metro screen that were useful and what we loved about our start menus. We have live tiles with updated news, sports scores, and more and an all apps button and easy access to the programs we have installed on our computers!

2.Microsoft Edge. With Windows 10 we have a new default browser. Microsoft Edge is a lean and agile browser that is designed to compete with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and the quick browsers out there. Internet Explorer is still there for compatibility reasons, but you have to find it. Edge can not use the old plugins that worked in IE, but instead is moving to an extension format for plugins. Active X is going the way of the dodo bird. And the general reception of Edge has been very good.

Cortana – Your AI Digital Assistant in Windows 10

3.Cortana. Cortana is perhaps one of the most interesting features ever added to Windows. Cortana is your personal digital assistant. She responds to voice commands and can look up things. She has some funny quips if you ask her the right questions. Her name comes from the AI computer in the Halo game series. Though she was available in Windows 8, she is much more robust in Windows 10. The thing that really differentiates her from Siri, is that she will eventually be available for Android and iOS. It really is beginning to feel like Star Trek where we could talk to our computers and get direct and intelligent answers.

There you have it. Three of the most interesting new features in Windows 10 so far. I am sure we will see more soon. If you would like to investigate moving your computer or your businesses computers to Windows 10, and would like to have a computer professional right here in Cheyenne make sure it goes smoothly, give Wolfe Computer Solutions a call at


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